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12804677_501681726691832_3154200405310182187_nSo one of my favorite things in the world is the idea of Free Little Libraries. If you never heard of them, they are usually small boxes (often looking like a birdhouse) that are set up in communities and have books you can ‘borrow’ inside. Even though the motto is, “Take a book. Leave a book.” there is no obligation to return a book once you have read it or even to leave another book in its place. The idea of Little Free Libraries are to promote  literacy and to make  books accessible to the community. This is especially a great idea  for  communities that do not have easy access to a standard library.

You might think that this would cause people to empty out the Little  Libraries and leave them empty. However, usually just the opposite is true. The reason is, most people hate throwing out books. I mean really hate it.  Free Little Libraries not only help give a community access to books but also gives book lovers a place to drop their books where they know they will be used and appreciated.

Each Little Free Library has a steward. The steward makes sure the library is stocked with books and kept neat and clean. Many of the free libraries are  in front of their steward’s home but many are also in parks and cafes or in front of businesses.

I am a frequent visitor to the Little Library in our town, which was donated and is stewarded by one of our local Realtors. I never know what interesting books I might find and I also love leaving books for others to enjoy. There is even ‘The Free Little Library’  organization. They  have a website where you can find one in your area.

So by now you are probably wondering why there’s a chicken in the  one of the photos of our town’s  Little Free Library. Well that leads me to another of my favorite things, the town where I live Oviedo, Florida. (it was named for the town in northern Spain but it’s pronunciation has been ‘southernized’ to  Oh-VEE-doh).

 Even though this once agricultural town is now a suburb of Orlando and literally backs up to one of the largest universities in the country, Oviedo has managed to keep that small town feel. One of the things Oviedo is famous for is it’s free ranging chickens.  In fact they have become so much a  apart of Oviedo’s identity that they are an attraction in their selves.

So make sure and check out a Little Library in your area and maybe even consider  starting one of your own.  And if you ever happen to be in the area of Oviedo, make sure and stop by and check out our great little town, the Oviedo chickens, and of course, our Little Free Library.




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