Human: Finding Myself in The Autism Spectrum…by Warren Mayocchi

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I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    I usually don’t read  much non-fiction (especially non-historical    non-fiction) but I was drawn to this book because I wanted to learn more about Aspergers and Autism Spectrum Disorder. This book is different from most books about Autism because it was actually written by an adult with the disorder. The information within the book was written from his personal knowledge and gained from real world experience. For me this makes this book totally different from books written by medical professionals .
   Warren Mayocchi knew he was different from most people his whole life but did not know why. He is constantly using energy to’fake it’ in the real world. As a result his relationships and job performance suffer. This book tells the story of his life with Autism.
I think this subject is important because our society concentrates a lot on children with Aspergers/Autism but what about these children when they become adults? What happens to them? Do they have jobs or families?They still have Autism but with a different set of problems. There was not a lot of talk of Autism thirty or so years ago so most in past generations were never diagnosed or treated. As a result many adults today push through life with these conditions without even knowing it.
I did enjoy this book .It read like a memoir. It sheds a lot of light on how people with Autism think and feel and how they may react around others.I  would recommend this book to anyone who has someone in their life with Aspergers/Autism or suspect someone in their life has it. I give it four stars.




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