Chasing Eveline…by Leslie Hauser

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Chasing Eveline…by Leslie HauserChasing Eveline

by: Leslie Hauser
Published by:Pen Name Publishing on July 11th 2017
Format: Mobi (Kindle file)
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Sixteen-year-old Ivy Higgins is the only student at Carmel Heights High School who listens to cassettes. And her binder is the only one decorated with album artwork by 80s band Chasing Eveline. Despite being broken-up since 1989, this rock band out of Ireland means everything to Ivy. They’re a reminder of her mom, who abandoned Ivy and her dad two years ago. Now the music of her mom’s favorite band is the only connection she has left.

Even though Ivy wavers between anger and a yearning to reconnect, she’s one-hundred percent certain she’s not ready to lose her mom forever. But the only surefire way to locate her would be at a Chasing Eveline concert. So with help from her lone friend Matt—an equally abandoned soul and indie music enthusiast—Ivy hatches a plan to reunite the band.

The road to Ireland won’t be easy, though. And not just because there is no road. Along the way they’ll have to win over their Lady Gaga-loving peers, tangle with some frisky meerkats, and oh yeah, somehow find and persuade the four members to play a reunion gig. It’s a near-impossible task, but Ivy has to try. If she can’t let go of the past, she’ll never be able to find joy in the present.

*I received this book for free from the Author (via YA Books Central) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Ivy is desperate to connect with the mother who abandoned Ivy and her dad. The closest connection she has to her mother is their mutual love of the 1980’s band ‘Chasing Eveline’. Ivy and her friend Matt mount several schemes to raise money for a trip to Ireland. Once in Ireland they hope to reunite ‘Chasing Eveline’. Ivy secretly hopes that her mother will be at the bands reunion.

This was such a cute read. I loved all the crazy (‘I Love Lucy’ type) projects that Matt and Ivy used to make money. Ivy has big ideas that never quite worked out the way she planned. I really loved the perseverance that Ivy had to never give up on her dream.

I loved the relationship Ivy had with her dad. I think it was a unique perspective to have a single dad raising a teenager. I also really liked the relationship Ivy had with Matt. Matt stood by Ivy no matter how crazy her ideas were. He really demonstrated what true friendship is. Getting rained on, getting thrown off stage,  getting booed where some of the things that happened to Ivy and Matt when they tried to raise money for their trip.

I am not a big music fan so some of the descriptions of the music passed over my head. However, the description of the music was detailed and helped to demonstrate why Ivy loved the music so much. I would have liked some of the loose ends tied up at the end. Some of Ivy’s relationships were left just hanging.

I really enjoyed ‘Chasing Eveline’. It was a really endearing story that touched on the  important topics of single parenthood, true friendship, and perseverance.

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