We Thought We Were Invincible…by Michelle MacQueen

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We Thought We Were Invincible…by Michelle MacQueenWe Thought We Were Invincible Series: Invincible #1

by: Michelle MacQueen
Published by:Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on February 17, 2017
Genres:Young Adult, Contemporary
Setting: Gulf City, Florida
Format: Mobi (Kindle file)
Source: Author (via YA Books Central)
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Rating:One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

California “Callie” McCoy feels most alive when her feet are planted firmly on her surfboard on a big swell. And one day, she dreams of riding that wave out of her small town. Away from everyone.

Her plan is simple: graduate high school. With Callie's best friend gone away to college, she plans on spending her senior year skating by. She isn’t looking for friends, and especially not for love - all she needs are her waves and her twin brother. Even if he comes with an annoying best friend, Jamie Daniels, who she can’t stand.

Jamie is a care-free, easy-going surfer who has everything. On the surface, his life appears perfect, but the reality is far from it. He has his share of secrets, including one that burns deeper than any other. It’s a good thing Callie hates him because if she didn’t, Jamie knows there’s no way he’d be able to stay away.

And then, one night, everything changes. And nothing will ever be the same.

*I received this book for free from the Author (via YA Books Central) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

  • Callie is trying to survive high school and get out of her small Florida town. When her best friend moves away to college, Callie believes she is stuck alone.


  • I really love me some books set in Florida. Especially when it gives a glimpse into small-town Florida.


  • I really liked Callie and her relationship with her twin brother. Being a mom to boy/girl twins myself, I love seeing older twins that have a close relationship.


  • Callie’s spunky and fun personality is relatable and her hate to love relationship with Jaime was definitely swoon-worthy. I also loved that their family ran a diner.


  • I kind of figured out the twist that was coming but it was still shocking. It really brought out the realities of modern-day high-school.


  • I thought that the Hurricane threat was an interesting part of the story and is dead on what it’s like living in Florida during hurricane season.


  • I thought Callie’s aunt’s relationship in the story was super sweet.


  • The story ended on a cliff-hanger with a glimpse into the next story, ‘We Thought We Were Invincible’, which I can’t wait to read and find out what the future holds next for Callie and Jaime.




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About Michelle MacQueen

Michelle MacQueen has a brain that won’t seem to quiet down, forcing her into many different genres to suit her various sides. Under the name M. Lynn, she writes fantasy and under Michelle Lynn, it’s all romance all the time (Sweet and YA). Running on Diet Coke and toddler hugs, she sleeps little – not due to overworking or important tasks – but only because she refuses to come back from the worlds in the books she reads. Reading, writing, aunting … repeat.


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