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The Wise and The Wicked…by Rebecca Podos

The Wise and The Wicked…by  Rebecca Podos

  Ruby and her sisters come from a long line of wise and powerful women. When their grandmother and her sisters fled Russia they lost most of their magical powers. Today only one of their great powers remain. The power to have a vision of their own death.   The cover on this one was what initially got me. It justs screams Russian folklore. It gives a great representation of what this novel is about. The only type of magical realism that I really enjoy is when it is told through a lens of an old world fairytale with fairytales themselves woven into the story. ‘The Wise and The Wicked’ has this in spades.   I really loved the flow of the story as well as the characters. Podos did such a wonderful job of describing the characters and making each […]